O Lord our God, the Life, the Helper, and the Hope of the Hopeless; Who providest healing to those who from their soul flee unto Thee; Who makest steadfast the weak, and consolest the fainthearted; Who supportest those in affliction, and healest those lying in illness, hearken unto the supplications and intercessions of Thy servants, and deliver them and us from the pernicious attack of the fatal virus called coronavirus.

Yea, O Almighty Master, look down from Thy holy dwelling place, and behold, and visit Thy flock delivering it from all assault of visible and invisible enemies, and plagues. Receive the repentance of us who in humility and weeping cast ourselves into the immaculate sea of Thy goodness, and forgive us every sin, voluntary and involuntary, every passion and temptation. Preserve us inviolate in the Orthodox Faith, and in the way of Thy divine commandments. Blot out this virus which hath appeared on account of our sins, and grant to those in illness from it complete healing and remission.

Those in danger for praising Thy dominion in Thy sacred and holy temples, and houses of prayer, do Thou guard from all malice; from every affront of the enemy, and from destructive men and circumstances. Thy faithful people, being in affliction and necessity, do Thou empower, guard, and protect from every suffering of soul and body. Root out from their souls fear, and implant in them bravery. Make Thy Church steadfast, guard it from every evil circumstance and oppression. Uphold the pious, grant peace to our country, but the impious and their unrighteous councils do Thou scatter, that they not harm Thy world, and Thy creation.

And grant us, O Master and Lord of all, enlightenment of soul and correction of life, so that, being freed from the deadly virus, and all its woeful and severe symptoms, we may all glorify with one mouth and one heart Thine all-honored and majestic name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, now and ever and unto the ages of ages. Amen.

This prayer was compiled and approved by our Holy Synod of the Church of the G.O.C. of Greece (November 2020) and the Priests are asked to read it at the Divine Services prior to “Through the prayers…” Additionally, it may be used also by the faithful laity in their personal prayers daily.