An Article by His Eminence, Metropolitan Chrysostomos of Attica and Boeotia

Thursday, December 10, 2020

For nine whole months, we have been spectators of an overt and unprecedented situation in our times.

Since the time that humanity has been informed of the virus worldwide, much has been written, much has been heard, and much has been silenced.

When the Churches were closed for the first time by the decision of the Government, many reacted aggressively by blaming the Holy Synod.

None of us knew the size and extent of what we were experiencing, but also what would come next. There was confusion and discord. Many Christians endured the unprecedented conditions with patience, calmness, and mutual support, and others came out against the Church administration by making implications and creating upheaval.

However, the time has passed, the Churches opened in May and unfortunately they closed again in November.

The problem developed and evolved, as well as the confusion that prevailed since the beginning.

Some of us still deny the existence of the virus or refuse to believe that it can infect us or our people.

Some of us doubted that coronavirus is the real cause of death of the declared victims. The doubts and questions were, of course, largely due to the well-known public statement by Professor Tsiodras that: “we also wrote for some who did not die of coronavirus, that they died of coronavirus.”

As free-thinking citizens, we take in the propaganda, the exploitation, and the obsolescence that the leaders who manage the virus have for us. It is clear without a doubt: they are directing humanity toward “robotism”.

It is a sad phenomenon to have free citizens who do not care about the scale of the problem experienced by humanity, the nation, the family and everyone individually.

On the one hand we perceive the collusion, but on the other hand we cannot ignore evil.

As Christians, we should not be indifferent, but neither should we be cocky nor arrogant. It is our obligation to protect ourselves. It is our duty to respect and protect the people around us.

Whenever we talk about developments in the issue of coronavirus or the vaccine we are filled with anxiety, fear, sadness, and despair. This spiritual state does not suit us.

In addition to our obligation to protect ourselves and our fellow human beings, we have a duty and the aim to unite our heart and soul with the luminous Person of Jesus Christ, expecting to receive His Light. We need prayer of the heart and communication with Him. Our natural state of mind as Christians is His joy and hope.

So, no matter how those who have not tasted of Life try to impose themselves, subjugate and enslave the world, they forget the basic principle that may well overturn everything: “For wherever God wills, the order of nature is overcome.”

Being simple and conscientious Christians, we have nothing but to resist. Let us not forget that we have the blessing to communicate with the true God, to pray. We have the blessing to enjoy His Divine Gift, “Whoso eateth my flesh, and drinketh my blood, hath eternal life.”

Love ye one another,” He said. And as long as we are Christians, we love, we respect, we act with responsibility, we protect.

My dear brethren, we need spiritual and physical strength so that we can all face together – united as a spiritual “fist” – the evil that the Lord Jesus has allowed to exist on account of our sins.

Let us endure His will with faith and prayer, with patience and discernment, with unity and coherence.

Translated from the Greek